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A Custom Software Development Company
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CipherSol™ – Everything Begins with Cipher -We are creative technologists driving Business transformations by building complex Management Systems Web Solutions and Native Mobile Applications. A Custom Software Development Company for all your Software needs

Cipher Solutions is a rapidly growing premium Custom Software Development Company startup developing beautifully designed, high-performance software that brings exceptional value to small and medium-sized clients. We have a unique formula that combines imaginative artists and creative minds with talented and passionate technologists.

Custom Software Development

OUR NAMECipherSol™

A Quality Custom Software Development Company for all your Software needs Cipher Solutions or CipherSol™, in short, has been derived from the word “cipher” which means zero “0” in Arabic and Coding in the English language.

The word originates from the Arabic Language as a symbol for the numeral zero or naught. The word was originally spelled as “Sifr” in Arabic and was adapted in French as “cifre” from where it was drafted into the English language as “cipher” to represent a secret way of writing or code, as codes were based on the Arabic numeral system.

The Arabic numeral “0” is the most powerful numeral which brought down the Roman Numeral system which was prevalent for centuries. The “0”  is most flexible being a simple and complex entity altering every numeral or code and holds the power to either transforming or destroying everything in its path.

The “0” can be revered and detested at the same time depending on the effects it causes. We intend to embody that essence and use Sifr or Cipher to create innovative tech Savvy solutions for our clients that are cutting edge and extremely powerful, helping them create a better world.

Our logo embodies the spirit and nature of our founders. The Sifr or Zero represents the humble backgrounds they hail from and Cipher represents their mutual love of Technology and their passion for helping or providing people with solutions that add value is exemplary.

The letter “O” in our Logo represents Sifr, Cipher or Zero. It represents the tight bond our founders share as well as representing their diverse but complementary talents. The Colours Orange, Yellow, and Green represent each individual founder’s glowing personality. We started as a division of AMCO Saudi in 2015 and developed into a full Custom Software Development Company in 2018.

Cipher Solutions
Everything Begins with Cipher

The strength of CipherSol™ or Cipher solutions lies in the founders who originate from a varied heritage and background, bringing diverse skills to the board, which when combined forms a dynamic, generally not found in technology companies. We are a Quality Custom Software Development Company for all your Software needs that believes in working with passionate, driven individuals who are on a mission to change the world, who will stop at nothing to help someone, those who are constantly developing themselves and others around them, those who believe in our vision of making everyday lives easier.

3 Dedicated founders
The company was founded by 3 compassionate friends brought together by their shared love of Technology, food & travel with a drive to make lives easier by transforming businesses.
4 centers of excellence
Cipher Solutions works with specialists in 4 locations to produce outstanding, well designed and secure software.
100+ Talented People
We work with 100 + talented people combining insourced & outsourced experts optimally to form teams of excellence to deliver quality products to our valued clients.
100% Focus on Quality
Excellence is what we strive for to deliver superior services that are brilliant and simply work, Cipher Solutions is Quality Software Development Company for all your Software needs

What we stand for?

What is our Vision?
Creating innovative solutions to make everyday life easier
What is our Mission?
Our goal is to offer a wide range of well designed, functional software solutions at prices that are locally affordable

What do we Value?

Our Strong set of values defines the culture that we strive to achieve within the company and for you, as we cannot be what we are without our embedded morals
We are a simple, straightforward company and value being close to reality. We hate bureaucracy & therefore adopt flexibility to accommodate our clientele’s requirements ensuring customer satisfaction.
We support you with the best Technical, Management & Operational know-how, for you to achieve your objectives. We support ourselves internally to stay strong and focused to deliver quality products.
We like to think out of the box and deploy technology in unconventional ways to save costs and improve productivity. We dare to experiment and make mistakes to learn and improve
We value best practices combined with cutting edge and unconventional technology to develop new future-ready solutions every day providing an unmatched caliber

What makes Cipher Solutions
different from other companies?

Our working philosophy as a Quality Software Development Company for all your Software needs dictates that we don’t obscure the core focus with technology. Our solutions ensure that you concentrate on your core business domains, while being assured that the technology pains are with the experts.

  • Start from Scratch
    At CipherSol™ we believe that everything begins with Sifr or Zero, using that as a platform to develop solutions for you. Everything starts from scratch or zero, therefore, we are humble, honest and build from the ground up.
  • Innovation is disruptive
    The Arabic numeral “0” is the most powerful numeral which brought down the Roman Numeral system prevalent for centuries, so we encourage out of the box thinking within the organization.
  • Flexibility is the key
    The “0” is most flexible being a simple and complex entity altering every numeral or code and holds the power to either transforming or destroying everything in its path thus we are flexible and open-minded.
  • Creating a better world
    The “0” is revered and detested at the same time depending on the effects it causes, we strive to create innovative solutions that are cutting edge and extremely powerful, helping you create a better world with a human touch.
  • All Inclusive Development Support
    Comprehensive Management, Marketing, Operational, Technical, Cyber Security, Integration, Support, and Business Consulting resources are made available so that you may benefit optimally.
  • Merger of Design & Accuracy
    Consistent Delivery of Beautifully Designed, Human-Friendly, Secure and efficient software that simply works as we rely on quality based on industry best practices. Our products just ooze a premium feel unmatched in our class.

Working with CipherSol™

Bringing innovation to life
You are future ready today
Powering positive change
Solving issues down to “0” for your Startups, Small and Medium Enterprises
Increasing the “0”’s in your revenues
Decreasing the “0”’s in your costs

Why Cipher Solutions ?

A harmonious blend of diverse talent contributes to our Success story
Delivering Excellence builds Trust, Satisfaction & Loyalty
Local Presence
We understand the demographics and swiftly support you on the ground
Service Orientation
We maintain Dynamic relationships focused on Exceptional Delivery
Creativity & Innovation
Brilliance is incubated & ideas stimulated for the origination of out of the box concepts.
Technological Excellence
Leveraging Technology, coalescing Skilled Talent with creativity to achieve Distinction par none
Detailed Proposals
Our objective is to understand the client’s needs thoroughly and propose a simple solution that works.
Transparent & Fixed Billing
Our operating model dictates Credible, fixed & transparent billing where both partners understand their deliverables.

Chief Executive Officer / (CEO)Abdul Ghani Al Hindi

Abdul Ghani AlHindi is an established senior-level professional. He is one of the 3 pillars of the Cipher Solutions management team. Driving Cipher Solutions to innovate and expanding their portfolio. Abdul Ghani AlHindi is a visionary beyond words who loves to work with like-minded people. He is a person who is keen on developing the Technology Sector in Saudi Arabia.

Director of Operations, Technology & ProductsAbdul Rahman Khalidi

Abdul Rahman Khalidi is one of the key leaders of the company who ushers 18 + years of internationally diverse experience in India, the U.K., the U.A.E., and Saudi Arabia in Senior leadership roles with Top-notch Global companies. He has previously worked with B&Q Plc U.K., Kika Saudi (Fawaz Al Hokair Group), IKEA, Go Telecom, and Callem (Al Rajhi Group).

Director of Business Development, Sales & MarketingTurki Tariq Bin Helaby

Turki is the quessential engine and an inspirational leader behind our sales team who loves working with people. His killer smile and his understanding of the requirements of a customer is beyond belief.

Asked Question

Going forward always creates more questions, We are here to answer each one. We bring to the table win-win strategies and are amenable to answering all queries to satisfy you.
Where is your company based?

We are a Quality Software Development Company for all your Software needs based company working out of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are proudly working to achieve the Saudi Vision 2030 of diversifying our economic base by providing more technology-based services.

What’s your main expertise?

Our expertise as a Software Development Company lies in the development of complex web and cross-platform mobile apps with an operational focus. You can hire any technology company to build a website or an app, but we build them with a difference. We have leading industry experts who team up with every project and build this insight and wisdom into our solutions. We enlighten our clients to add value to their existing operations and support them to achieve their objectives.

What is your minimum project budget?

We do not have a minimum project budget as we let the requirements outline the effort and cost.

Do you work only on a Fixed project Contract?

We base our rates based on the requirements and let the necessities define the mode of billing. We prefer the fixed-rate project model but are flexible and work with effort and time model as well.

Do you provide Software as a service?

We do provide software as a service for our home-grown solutions to you if you are amenable to this model.We are one of a few Quality Software Development Company in Saudi Arabia that provides such services.

What is your hourly rate?

We work mostly with fixed project rates. However, we also work on a time and effort basis

How do you manage onsite and off-site visits?

We are flexible on visits and especially during predevelopment where working closely with you is critical to gain understanding. We manage visits as the project dictates.

Why haven’t you mentioned Technologies or used technology jargon as other technology companies?

We usually talk to expert business professionals who are experts in their fields and provide them expert technical services where we excel. We cater to the SME segment mostly where technical understanding is limited. Hence, we use minimum technical jargon to make you feel more comfortable with technology.

What technology do you use?

We are not biased to any technology, rather we prefer doing comprehensive business analysis and recommending the appropriate technology as per your requirements.

Can you provide references?

We are happy that we have managed to grip your consideration to receive a request for references. References are a great tool for getting firsthand facts. We have worked with a lot of clients and we can provide you with a list of the projects undertaken by our team.

What are the pricing models you work with and the payment methods you accept?

Fixed project contract – A fixed charge is agreed upon before initiation with an advance and fixed milestone.

Time and Materials – We can charge per person according to hourly rates
Software as a Service – We charge Monthly, Quarterly, Annually as per our standard rates along with discounts on longer term contracts

We accept payments via bank transfers, PayPal and certified cheques. We are working on online payment modes via credit card, Sadad, and others for your convenience.

Cipher Solutions
IOT Device Representation

Related Questions

We are always here to help and support your technical and business needs. Why don’t you connect with us to have an in-depth understanding of how we can help you?
What is your Solution development process?

As a Software Development company, we start by doing a requirement analysis of your business or idea through a set of discussions, audits, team meetings, and business analysis, etc. Then we go back to the drawing board to define the project scope, functionalities, requirements, priorities, risks, and tasks in detail and formally. This is again discussed with you, finalized and approved. Once the approval and commitment are received, we start by working on the design templates. In parallel, we work on the workflows and the wireframes required to produce your masterpiece solution. When this is approved, we begin developing functionalities as per your priority and testing them parallelly. We build your solution iteration by reiteration to ensure quality. If there are any improvements or changes, we analyzed and add them to the scope, if approved as we rely on calculated fixed project rates. At the end of the testing, we initiate a handover and handover the project, complete the training and documentation during the support period.

What is the minimum team size you start a new project with?

The team size is dependent on the project requirements. Our team sizes are larger than usual as we consult independent industry experts to ensure successful project delivery. A typical project team consists of

  • 1 Operational Liaison
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Designer
  • 1 Architect
  • 2 backend engineers
How do you start new projects? What do you expect from me?
  • It all starts with a preliminary call or consultation with you to introduce our expertise and clarify your needs and potentials related to project objectives to glean the opportunities of a future business relationship.
  • We then prefer to sign an NDA before sharing info such as updated information mutually including any documentation or detailed requirement analysis meetings to ascertain the exact requirements from your end.
  • A comprehensive and detailed proposal is then prepared along with calculations of time and effort including a breakdown of the structure proposed. We will communicate continuously at this stage to ensure that both parties are on the same understanding.
  • Upon approval, a contract is signed and the project starts once the advance remuneration is received.
How can I control the project?

Our processes are transparent & our communication is strong.

  • We appoint a full-service in-house team along with business experts and
  • consultants dedicated to your project.
  • Reviews on a weekly basis or as agreed.
  • Ongoing product and project risk analysis
  • Regular demos to ensure alignment with the vision
  • Communication through various channels such as over the phone, face to face meetings, WhatsApp, Skype, etc. to ensure correct configuration
Will we have access to the source files?
  • For any projects undertaken on your behalf, all the source files will be transferred to you as per the contract terms including the ownership
  • (SAAS) products are owned by Cipher solutions and the source code will not be shared and the ownership remains with CipherSol™.

Our Digitally Transformed Clients

are long term partners in progress with superior collaboration and free-flowing ideas as we develop beautifully designed, easily maintainable products that simply work. We are waiting to add you to the list below.
Cipher IT
Green Dimension logo
ABS Arabic Logo
Absolute Arrows
Lana Medical
Fahad Al Guwaidhi

Great Reviews
From people who we have worked with

Cultivating long term relationships with people we have served is a part of our DNA. We simply love working with our clients and are always eager to give our best. This reflects what people say about us. We are waiting to see what you say about us.

The best experience & support

The Cipher Solutions Experience was amazing right from the start (First Meeting) to finish (Handover). The quality was simply superb. Expect to have a long term relationship with Cipher Solutions. Technical and business services are amazing and valued just right. We did face issues but these were quickly dealt with Escalated and resolved in a timely manner.

Nizam Ahmed

Sr. Manager

Absolutely the best

Just wanted to let you know that my client is very happy with the software. I know that the deadlines were very strict, but everything went smooth! I worked in the past with several companies like yours, and I had always a hard time to align expectations. But I’m more than happy that I found you and made this project a success. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to a long partnership !!!

Safi Basheer

Project  Manager

Company that does the job!

I found the company culture and the care for the customer to be amazing. You provided everything in detail and your training sessions were exceptional. Your software is working smoothly and our Digital transformation is giving us the results we have hoped for. Cipher Solutions 360 Degree expertise were key for our success. With our Web Portal the coordination between our on site and off site teams was amazing.

Michael Mclaren

Sales Manager

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264, Kavuri Hills Phase 2 Rd, Madhapur, Hyderabad, Telangana 033, India

United KingdomSecurity Center
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2 Wood End, Green Road, Hayes, London UB3 2SH, Hillingdon, United Kingdom

United States Quality Center
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        Cipher Solutions

        As the expert champion of the SME Segment in the MENA Region, Cipher Solutions dedicates it’s time to sharing effective business strategies that help small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs add value to their money. We are an international quality Software, Web and Mobile App Development Technology Company in Saudi Arabia.

        Connect with Us Now

        Love to hear about Gen Next Tech?  Subscribe to our Tech resources for monthly pearls of wisdom.

          Cipher Solutions

          As the expert champion of the SME Segment in the MENA Region, Ciphersol dedicates it’s time to sharing effective business strategies that help small and meduim businesses and entrepreneurs add value to their money. We are an international quality Software, Web and Mobile App Development Technology Company in Saudi Arabia

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