Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Transformation Operations
Manage your Business

Management systems are critical today in business process management. Successfully manage and smoothly integrate business functions such as Sales, Sales Support, Customer service, Products, IT, finance, purchasing, logistics, operations, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource events and activities.

Management system implementations automate existing processes between the various functions and streamline the workflow, increasing transparency, productivity, and speed while reducing human errors, gaps, and cost of operations.

We provide a comprehensive range of solutions in business systems and tools to take your headache away and allow you to concentrate on the core business. In today’s technology-driven environment, spreadsheets are tools of early men.

Cipher Solutions deploys customized out of the box systems, including cloud and SAAS (Software as a service) like SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics 365 / GP / NAV, ZOHO, Odoo, and several other ready solutions. We examine your organization and recommend the best fit for your industry and business. Required customizations are developed, tested, and implemented swiftly to minimize disruption. Once implemented, we provide support services to ensure smooth operations in the long term.

Boost Productivity
Customized Design
Future Ready
Increased Effectiveness’
Custom Functionality
Preservation of Knowledge
Various settings
Combine Talent and Creativity to Stand Out with Cipher Solution

Lightning speed

Blazingly Quick & Optimized Efficiency

Restricted Access

Hierarchy based access controls to information


Security & Backup functionality for your data

Customized Graphics 

Graphics in your Logo Colours

Team Work

Your teams can collaborate on a single system

Responsive Design 

Great User Experience on any Device

Features of ERP

Increase your Productivity
By speeding up your processes!

There are niche businesses that do not have readily available out of the box solutions catered to them. In this instance, we provide a custom-built solution for your organization. As a part of the complete solution, we analyze your requirements in detail then build a tailor-made solution exclusively for your type of organization. After the implementation, we provide comprehensive support and upkeep safeguarding optimum performance.

CipherSol understands that you may want to deploy a management system through the first-party vendors due to legal or other obligations. As we possess the required expertise, we act as your in-house experts in your external implementations taking care to ensure quality and audit the technology implementer to maximize the benefit of your system execution. We also assist in the complex Data cleanups, migrations as well as provide tertiary services such as requirement analysis documents, vendor recommendation and shortlisting services, Vendor vetting, implementation checklists as well as addressing the reporting needs and future-readiness. In short, we act as your experts and take care of your needs first.

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Business Analysis

Our expert team will connect with you to gain an understanding of your business and your aspirations. We will hear your superb ideas and gain an understanding of your requirements while structuring your processes into a working concept. We will brainstorm multiple ideas to ensure clarity!

User Experience (UX)

We re-engineer the entire journey from acquisition to closing, including the product, function, and various aspects of branding, design, and usability to maintain what is essential and improve productivity.

Infrastructure and Resources Mapping

Our experts get together to scrutinize your existing infrastructure and resources and map out the resources that need reskilling, system upgrades, and any supplementary systems that might be needed to enhance your business and make it future-ready.


Our engineers will build or customize, and develop your proposed ERP into a working, funtionally designed system, crafted to attract, and engage your customers and employees. We will blend your culture, your branding, and implement the best industrial practices your customers can be proud of.

Technical & User Testing

Our software engineers will test the ERP as per our quality standards to ensure it meets global requirements. We test for stress, security vulnerabilities, UI experience, UX flow as well as speed and efficiency to ensure the employee and customer experience is smooth.

Re-Launch your Business!

That’s it! We are finished. You can now re launch your business with a greater confidence. Our Success engineers will maintain your systems at optimum performance levels to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Digitally Transformed Clients

are long term partners in progress with superior collaboration and free-flowing ideas as we develop beautifully designed, easily maintainable products that simply work. We are waiting to add you to the list below.
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Great Reviews
From people who we have worked with

Cultivating long term relationships with people we have served is a part of our DNA. We simply love working with our clients and are always eager to give our best. This reflects what people say about us. We are waiting to see what you say about us.

The best experience & support

The Cipher Solutions Experience was amazing right from the start (First Meeting) to finish (Handover). The quality was simply superb. Expect to have a long term relationship with Cipher Solutions. Technical and business services are amazing and valued just right. We did face issues but these were quickly dealt with Escalated and resolved in a timely manner.

Nizam Ahmed

Sr. Manager

Absolutely the best

Just wanted to let you know that my client is very happy with the software. I know that the deadlines were very strict, but everything went smooth! I worked in the past with several companies like yours, and I had always a hard time to align expectations. But I’m more than happy that I found you and made this project a success. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to a long partnership !!!

Safi Basheer

Project  Manager

Company that does the job!

I found the company culture and the care for the customer to be amazing. You provided everything in detail and your training sessions were exceptional. Your software is working smoothly and our Digital transformation is giving us the results we have hoped for. Cipher Solutions 360 Degree expertise were key for our success. With our Web Portal the coordination between our on site and off site teams was amazing.

Michael Mclaren

Sales Manager

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        Cipher Solutions

        As the expert champion of the SME Segment in the MENA Region, Cipher Solutions dedicates it’s time to sharing effective business strategies that help small and medium businesses and entrepreneurs add value to their money. We are an international quality Software, Web and Mobile App Development Technology Company in Saudi Arabia.

        Connect with Us Now

        Love to hear about Gen Next Tech?  Subscribe to our Tech resources for monthly pearls of wisdom.

          Cipher Solutions

          As the expert champion of the SME Segment in the MENA Region, Ciphersol dedicates it’s time to sharing effective business strategies that help small and meduim businesses and entrepreneurs add value to their money. We are an international quality Software, Web and Mobile App Development Technology Company in Saudi Arabia

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